Before you go.

What are these forms?

  1. New Client Information form. This form provides information about you so I can tailor your therapy to be as specific to your needs as possible. Some of the questions may seem sensitive in nature or cause some discomfort for you. My goal is to gather as much information as I can upfront so that we can work smarter together to address your concerns.  All client records are strictly confidential and will not be seen by anyone without your written permission unless required by law.  If you have any questions, we can talk more in our first session or feel free to reach out in advance.  
  1. Client Rights, Responsibilities and Consent to Treat form.  This form details your rights and responsibilities as a client and consents for me to treat you.

 Which forms should I use?

 If you are an adult, use these forms:

If your child is the new client, use these forms:

 What do I do with these forms?

 Please print, complete and bring your forms to our first session together.  This way we can get started immediately with therapy.