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When you feel good about yourself and your relationships, you move through life with greater ease and satisfaction.  When you have a concern about your self and/or your ability to connect with others, you may struggle in your relationships or experience anxiety and depression.




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We interact with the world through our thoughts and feelings.  While feelings and thoughts are not permanent, we may feel stuck and unable to manage those feelings and thoughts.  We may feel anxious or depressed about our current state.  These experiences can intensify the longer we struggle.  Therapy can help process our experiences as well as help us learn new strategies to cope with difficult situations.               


Conflicts with gender identity can cause a great deal of confusion and negative feelings about oneself.  Gender identity is described as an individual’s personal experience of their own gender.  Gender identity may match with assigned sex at birth, or gender may differ from assigned sex completely.  When one experiences their gender identity as different than their sex assigned at birth, they often experience a great deal of emotional and psychological stress.  Therapy helps address stressors and supports a client as they connect with their true self.  


We learn about ourselves and address our need to connect through relationships.  Romantic relationships offer many psychological and health benefits.  Sometimes these relationships encounter difficulties that partners are not able to work through themselves and need the help of a third party.   Partners may doubt the future of the relationship or feel unable to address challenges in communication, conflict resolution, discrepencies in desire and other concerns.  


Kink/BDSM is a widely used term that refers to a variety of sexual and non-sexual fantasies, fetishes and activities.  These are often considered socially unconventional when compared to traditional sexual ideas (aka “vanilla”).  Individuals and relationships may struggle to find acceptance if they express or wish to explore Kink/BDSM actions.  Clients in Poly or other CNM (consensual non-monogamy) relationships may need additional support in navigating the potential complexity of these relationships.  


Sexual orientation describes our patterns of emotional, romantic, and sexual attraction.  Sexual orientation is not a binary (heterosexual or same-sex); it lies along a continuum.  We may find a sense of personal and social identity based on those attractions.  When we struggle with reconciling our sexual identity with expectations of others or society, we may encounter emotional and psychological struggles.  


We may feel that our relationship with sex is unhealthy or out-of-control.  We may hear it identified as different things - sexual addiction, sexual compulsivity or out-of-control sexual behavior.  Whatever the label, the impacts are still felt the same.  Experiencing sexuality as unmanageable or as a source of unrest in your family, personal or work life can cause great distress.  Therapy can offer support to identify the underlying issues contributing and bring about a greater sense of peace for those impacted. 


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